Euromont transport

We organize transport with a modern road fleet that meets all Euro standards


For over two decades Euromont represents one of the most reliable companies when in comes to international transport. We are mostly oriented on the market of Eastern Europe (Poland), Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), European part of Russia…

We approach every client openly and professionally having in mind his best interests, thanks to which we build strategic partnerships based on knowledge and experience that help us accomplish common goals and influence the achievement of business results.

Road transportation in all transport directions in Europe is done by Scania trucks which have shown to be exceptionally reliable and premium brand in transport world. Because of the constant loadings all over Europe and Russia we can offer competitive truck prices in loading and unloading.

we are the best address for your transportation

We have the knowledge and expertise, desire for proving and realization. We make competitive advantages for our clients by offering adjusted and comprehensive solutions for their needs and goals.

Modern road fleet

Euromont company possesses modern vehicles which fulfill all the international standards. All our vehicles are covered with CMR insurance, which provides a safe transport of merchandise from loading location to unloading location.

Satellite tracking

All transport vehicles are equipped with modern satellite tracking system which enables a detailed insight of the location and movement of merchandise.

International permits

Transport fleet possesses for all the vehicles CEMT permits – international pass for free driving on European roads.


Whether you need a delivery truck for delivery all over the country or you want to transport a single pallet, we can respond to all of your needs for cargo transport. We have competitive prices of merchandise transport and quality service and hope that you will give us a chance to earn your trust.


We offer security and guarantee for transport of your merchandise. We try to fulfill all of your demands and our services are available all seven days of the week.


Reliability – which relies on accuracy and precision that are important for building relationships with our clients who know that we are dedicated to fulfillment of their needs and demands.

Efficiency – the base for good and high-quality cooperation with our clients.

Professionality – we listen, follow the needs and demands of clients in order to create a solution made for the specific industries they belong to.