Capacity of 350 square meters.


The company possesses a storage with the capacity of 350 square meters of space which facilitates the best conditions for storage of different kinds of merchandise. The storage has a special driveway for cargo vehicles and industrial power for setting up a production section. With the storage there is an office space with the size of 50 square meters and direct access to the storage.

The characteristics of the storage are:

  • The building meets all legal norms regarding fire protection
  • All of the merchandise is ensured from basic risks which match the demands of clients
  • Application of modern business standards (ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001,TAPA, AEO, Sedex)

The merchandise that can be kept in storage is:

  • Spare parts, oils, pneumatics
  • Construction material
  • Repro material
  • Other


What separates us from other is responsibility towards the job and clients, respecting arranged commitments and maximum dedication to safety of goods and people.

We respect your time, merchandise and property and we make sure that we do the job in the shortest time period and in the best way.

  • Loading and unloading of palletized goods
  • Loading and unloading of loose materials (gravel, sand…)
  • Snow removal
  • Loading and unloading of construction materials

Cargo transport is a very dangerous operation. It can seem like a simple task of taking things from one place to another, but loading, unloading and transport of cargo can cause some serios problems and consequences.

With the help of our machines and technology we can do the task of loading and unloading reliably and with the safety of merchandise and people.

we are the best address for your transportation

We have the knowledge and expertise, desire for proving and realization. We make competitive advantages for our clients by offering adjusted and comprehensive solutions for their needs and goals.

We offer you space

Storage for natural and legal persons
Short-term storage
Long-term storage
More sizes of storage space
Access for taking over or replacing goods
Insurance for storage

A perfect solution for you

Storage is constructed and designed according to modern industrial demands and is ideal for storage of goods. We also use solutions for storage which enables us to manage supplies.

Safety of people, merchandise and environment

Euromont ensures the highest standards in safety, ecological compatibility and reliability – not only in transport, but also in storage. We know what truly matters: security, reliability and of course the protection of our environment.


Whether you need a delivery truck for delivery all over the country or you want to transport a single pallet, we can respond to all of your needs for cargo transport. We have competitive prices of merchandise transport and quality service and hope that you will give us a chance to earn your trust.


We offer security and guarantee for transport of your merchandise. We try to fulfill all of your demands and our services are available all seven days of the week.


Reliability – which relies on accuracy and precision that are important for building relationships with our clients who know that we are dedicated to fulfillment of their needs and demands.

Efficiency – the base for good and high-quality cooperation with our clients.

Professionality – we listen, follow the needs and demands of clients in order to create a solution made for the specific industries they belong to.